Bulk Production FAQ


We offer a low minimum order of 100 pieces per style/color per bulk order worldwide, for new clients, we would like to support 200 pieces each if have more than 2 designs.


Size chart is customizable. We can provide custom sizing chart suggestions based on past order experience. If you have a need for children’s sizes, plus sizes, we are willing to help. Click to learn more about sizing customization.

Delivery Time

Lead time 15-20 days after details conifrmed.

Once your samples have been approved, you are ready to place a bulk order and begin production.

Budget & Cost

Based on 100 MOQ,your total budget is about $700-1000 door to door price.

* You can make any last-minute changes to fabrics, colours, prints, or branded accessories before deposit. Your order is final when deposit is paid. Any changes after will incur a minimum of 25% and up to 100% of total order value. It may also significantly delay your order.


Based on 100 MOQ, each pieces you can have at least 4 times profit, so your profit will be more than $2600.

We’ve helped 290+ swimwear brands and got over 90% repeat orders
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