Samples are constructed following your handover of designs, considering any notes you added regarding fit, construction, and stitching.

Once we’re clear on all points, you will be assigned a swimwear specialist, who will contact you to introduce herself and arrange a callback to clarify any points. She will be on hand throughout the process, ready to discuss other issues, such as branding, prints & so on. These issues are always best sorted whilst the samples are on the go, ready for your bulk PO.

Samples are assembled in-house in our sample studio, where our team of pattern makers, tailors & sewists, merchants & assistants produce around 50 customized samples daily.

Labels, Packaging & Accessories

While your samples are being fabricated, you will have the opportunity to discuss the branding of your designs throughout the entire line. Your custom logo or brand will be heat pressed onto the inside back of each item, including bikini clips, hygiene liners, and any custom packaging such as drawstring cotton bags. When handling this during sample production, you can save weeks in your production schedule and be ready to place your bulk order.

Custom Prints

If you are requesting custom prints, now is the time to prepare a strike off.

Our requirements for custom prints and branded accessories are in Vector format in either AI, EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG, 300 dpi, repeatable, and to scale. In most cases, we are able to assist you free of charge, if required.

One Sample Set or Two?

When producing two sets, we charge only the estimated bulk price without a management fee for the second set. When you order just one set, you have to send it back to us to use against your production order, plus courier fees and import taxes into Bali, making two sets cost about the same as one.

In the case of two sets, the set in our office is used to compare against the first cuts in your production.

Save Time and Money in Sampling

If you choose from our ready-to-order designs, you can skip sampling and proceed directly to your bulk PO. You will receive exactly what you see in our catalogue in the colours and prints of your choice.

You can contact us, and a swimwear specialist will get back to you to discuss your requirements.


Mocking Up

After the samples are paid, we offer a free mock-up service in your selected colours and prints. It is an excellent way to see how your designs will appear in your chosen colours and prints before we begin cutting the fabric.

swimwear mockup

Whilst samples are on the go

It is an excellent time to discuss the custom logo you would like heat-pressed into the inside and back of each article and any custom-branded accessories or prints you would like to include. 

The artwork must be in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG, 300 dpi, repeatable, and to scale. For assistance, our graphic team is available, in most cases, free of charge.

Read more about Custom Branded Accessories.


Custom designs are charged twice our wholesale price plus a USD 30 management fees.
For example, a Custom Bikini bottom costing USD 12, will be charged 2 X $12 + $30 = $54.00.

RTO or ready-to-order designs, we charge just two times our wholesale price.
Requests to make chaanges to our ready designs are charged at 30 USD per design.


We use a far superior alternative to paper patterns using 2D auto-CAD software based on known international body sizes. Especially for the 18 to 35 age group, these sizes are ideal.

For the 18 to 40 age group, these grades are in most cases perfect.

Please refer to our size guide to ensure that our specifications and grades are appropriate for your market. Should you skip this step, remakes are chargeable should you consider our sizing to be too large or too small.

Take a look at our Size Guide.

Fit Model

We can arrange for a Western fit model to visit our studio and try on your samples prior to dispatch for approximately 80 USD. We conduct a 30-minute video conference call where you can see how the styles look when worn, ask questions about the fit, and request any necessary changes.

Sample Dispatch

Before DHL picks up your samples, your merchant will send you some clear, high-resolution photographs for your approval.

Upon arrival
The majority of samples are approved the first time around. Remakes are free of charge, however, if your samples arrive substantially different from what you submitted. In the case of minor edits, we use our 2D AutoCAD software to accomplish the task in minutes instead of days.

Requesting Samples

Column 1: Style Code
If you know the code, add it. If not, add your own code or leave it blank. 

Column 2: Description
Give your selected design a simple description, like a Triangle Bikini top or low-back piece. 

Column 3: Outer Fabric
Select the fabric in which you wish to produce your sample from our stock fabrics or request a print. 

Column 4: Color / Print
In most cases all samples are produced in black as black will always show any fit issues on receiving. However, you may produce in any colour or print you choose.

Column 5: Inner Fabric
In most cases, clients request the same fabric for the inner as the outer. However, we can easily make the outer & the inner from different fabrics in different colours.

Column 6: Inner Color/Print
The inner fabric & colour is normally the same as the outer. Again, as inner, you may use any fabric, colour or print you choose. 

Column 7: Size
In most cases, sample collections are produced all in size Small. However, you may select any size, from XS to XL. 
Requesting multiple sizes will take more time than one size set.

Column 8: Padding
Being a specialist custom swimwear manufacturer, it’s easy for us to add padding to some of the styles, either fixed or removable, to the cups. Write yes or no & add some notes if required. 

Column 9: Wires
As with padding, we can easily add wires to any suitable design. 
Write yes or no & add some notes if required. 

Column 10: Reversible
We don’t add a heat press to reversibles. Instead, we use a cutaway or a sewn label. Write yes or no & add some notes if required.